Skyscrapers, like any other building, are susceptible to natural disaster and damage. These are also very expensive buildings, meaning that any damage that could occur to them could come along with repair costs that are nearly as tall as the building itself. Without insurance, the owner of the skyscraper could quickly find themselves buried under incredible debt while having no use of the building.

There are many different disasters that could occur to a skyscraper just like with a family home. For homeowners, one of the biggest issues when it comes to damage and disaster is fire. A fire can quickly demolish a home or a business without warning. For information regarding home insurance quotes, you can Home Insurance Comparisons. Aside from fires, flooding can be equally destructive. When a building floods, the structure is quickly compromised. The water can deteriorate walls and floors while putting a lot of weight and pressure on the skeleton of the building. Natural disasters may occur as well; these could be anything from hurricanes and typhoons to tornadoes and earthquakes. Any of these can wipe a building off of a map, making it critical to protect the building.

The internet offers many resources to those who are searching for rewarding insurance companies and plans, from links to the individual companies to helpful articles that outline the basics of buying insurance. For those who own skyscrapers, they will quickly be amazed at the resources that are available to them free of charge.

Without insurance, those individuals and companies who own majestic skyscrapers are playing a dangerous game of gambling with their investments. A tragic and unplanned incident could quickly demolish the entire structure. In the case of fire and other natural disasters, it is even possible that injuries could occur or lives may be lost. This will land the owner of the skyscraper into legal trouble. With a little effort, skyscrapers can be protected by some of the best insurance companies the nation has to offer. All it takes to protect a building is requesting quotes and a little bit of research.

The Comings And Goings In Big Buildings

A Musical History of The Group Big Buildings
Since the 1990s, Big Buildings has been dominated the local underground music scene in Chicago. Lo-fi independent recordings dominate the sounds of Big Buildings. The group merged from the culturally diverse landscape of the Chicago music scene. Core members Mall Maloney, Michael Woods, Adam Yoffe and Matt Cummings formed the band. Matt Maloney and Michael Woods were childhood friends who always dreamed of forming a professionally touring and recording band.

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Big Buildings has been together since the late 1990s, so it is only natural that they have made a good deal of music over the last decade. The band members originally lived in different cities, but once they were all together in Chicago in 2001, they put together a demo album with eight tracks, and the rest is history.

In 2003, they came out with their first EP, This is the Bricks. That album featured the songs “Wildebeest,” “Only Game In Town,” “You Gotta Lotta Heart,” “Manzarek,” “Friday Night Fights” Read the rest of this entry »

The buildings, skyscrapers and other structures that serve as landmarks guiding our way through the city each have a story to tell. Learning more about them can give you a greater understanding of the urban environment that you call home. When you choose to learn about how each building came to find its name, you can explore a whole world of urban history.

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Big Buildings is a lo-fi Chicago band that formed in the late 1990′s. This band consists of Matt Maloney on vocals and guitar, Michael Woods on vocals and guitar, Adam Yoffe on the drums and Matt Cummings performing vocals and playing bass. The band began with Maloney and Woods, who were childhood friends. They recorded casette tapes and shared them with one another via mail. In 2001, Matt Maloney traveled from San Francisco to Chicago to Read the rest of this entry »

Big Buildings is a very popular garage genre band from the city of Chicago. This band started in the late 90′s during a meeting of Matt Maloney and Michael Wood. At this time demo cassette tapes were exchanged. This article will provide detail about the band and its members.
In 2001 both of them put together an 8 song mix tape in Chicago. A friend of Wood Adam Yoffe later joined the band as a drummer and percussionist. The following year Read the rest of this entry »

Big Buildings was born and bred in Chicago, and over the course of 4 different albums so far they have developed and shaped their sound into something truly extraordinary. From their original EP “This Is The Bricks” back in 2003, they have rooted themselves in a grungy rock realm and have polished their sound to be more Southern Rock with distinct influences of the 80s.

Throughout the course of their career, they have lost and gained members which could have a distinct impression on their variance in influence throughout the course of their four major releases. These can Read the rest of this entry »

The band “Big Buildings” is from Chicago and play garage rock that is meant to get you out of your seat. The band prides itself on performing pure rock and roll that you don’t really hear much of anymore. The unique nature of their sound has propelled them to several albums and a contract with the Stars/No Stars label.

Big Buildings got its start in the late 1990s when friends Matt Maloney and Michael Wood Read the rest of this entry »